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  • Darryl L

Cloud Storage Server

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Basically a personal cloud storage server. I’m hoping to save money on cloud storage services with this little nas..

Running Truenas Core—which is free—and a Tailscale network—which is free up to a certain number of device connections. Biggest challenge was finding the right tutorials and resources to guide the build process. Lowkey didn’t really expect to be able to achieve full remote-access capabilities for the nas, but it worked out after a few days of intensive internet-scouring.

Was initially planning on using second-hand server boards that had on-board cpu and graphics units, but much of the promising deals led to dead online storefronts that were last active months ago. I wanted to get this nas up and running asap, so I went with the other option of sourcing new parts from established storefronts.

While costing more upfront, new parts are a better long-term investment, considering the nas will practically be running 24/7, and cannot break down while I’m on the other side of the planet..


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