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  • Darryl L

Corvo Attano's Mask

Corvo's mask from Dishonored 2. My longest-running and most time-consuming project to date. Work hours total to upwards of 1000 hours, spread across 26 February 2020 to 25 April 2021.

Completely freehanded because I am Piero Joplin and I don’t need rulers... On a more serious note, I freehanded this baby out of stubbornness and sheer will to complete the project I had set out to build.

At the time, I did not have access to a 3D-printer to fabricate a physical 3D bust of Corvo's mask that I could use as reference; I also did not have the technical know-how to construct a pepakura-esque paper model of the mask completely by hand... So I just jumped straight into the black steel sheets!

Relying on my spatial-awareness, I traced each individual fragment of the angular mask onto steel sheet, with only 2D-rendered images of the mask and an aluminum foil impression of my own face as reference.

The mask's individual steel plates were brazed together with brass brazing rods and a cooking blowtorch. The outer-shell utilizes 1-2mm thick black steel (uncoated/raw steel). The inner-frame utilizes 1mm brass plate. The red inner-lining is made of genuine cowhide.

A version 2 of the same mask is coming soon. Next time around, it'll be more wearable--to not tear my face off--and more proportional--not freehanded from start to finish without rulers or mockup models.


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